A New Day is Dawning

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A New Day is Dawning

The Loving Energy of the entity Michael – as channeled by Laura Mirante 

A new day is dawning.                                                                              

Everything is moving into position now and as the energy of change intensifies, it knows exactly what needs to be released in order for a smooth transition for this loving collective energy.

The energy is here, now, that is going to create avenues in the logical mind that have never appeared to be open to movement before.  There will be significant changes to the earth’s atmosphere and this shift will begin a tremendous influx of higher frequency energy, that can then integrate into the whole, the new parameters for existing here as a spiritual being in a physical environment.

Feel entitled to stretching yourself beyond what you think is humanly possible.

Generate a sense of calm acceptance to all that is changing in your life now.

Be aware of the individual way this energy of change is manifesting and create a certain sense of Hope in all change now.

You are the pioneers of this human revolution and as you consider this phrase, begin to incorporate fully, what it means to revolt against what no longer serves, in order to revolutionize the way this world experiences all that it is.

Think in terms of the big picture now.

Look beyond what is occurring in individual expressions of this desire to change the underlying current of energy that feeds all living beings on this planet.

Generate energy of Faith, Hope and productivity through a willingness to be an open vessel foran energy that has yet to be defined logically.

Take in every experience now and bring contrast to the way you decipher its value, logically, by assessing the Divinity behind it and the physical ramifications of remaining ignorant to the inspirational energy behind it.

As you see an event occurring in your life, in your community, or even globally, that is steeped in intense energies of creation through devastation, be the energy of Hope and acceptance of the Divine energy creating this shift.

Be willing to encourage those around you to let go even further of the dichotomy of thought that keeps people stuck in old patterns.

Begin to illuminate for others, the necessity here in letting go of the “old,” for it is the human inclination to hold on dearly to what it has known before and this is a tremendous part of creating this shift; the intention to call forward the energies of the past in order to see them for the beauty and definition they have given this life thus far; in order to find closure and a sense of entitlement in releasing these old ways of being.

The creative energy is moving through this experience in tremendous waves of realization and even those looking to remain ignorant of this intentional energy will no longer be able to turn a blind eye in this direction.

Fear cannot remain the guiding force in this experience.

No longer can people be guided by their fears.  This is an outdated method of self-exploration and it is time for the energy to create a new method of self-discovery; one that is based on a recognition of our individual efforts to illuminate for the One, the beauty and definition in being human.

Water gives us life.  It sustains our energy and allows us to be here in this physical capacity.  Dare to give yourself a challenge that invites you to fill your body with this Divine illuminator and ask the energies of the One to work through this concentrated energy to establish for you a means of sharing this Truth in this world that can inspire many to honor the Divine within.

Dear, sweet children of Love; be filled with a sense of the inspirational energy that is here to guide you through this process of reintegration of truth.

You are Love in form and this Love is what can guide you to the most illuminating expression of self.

Utilize this flow of energy by acknowledging it and working to be an open vessel for this Truth to flow freely in this world.

Think beyond the little mind and feel beyond the five senses, for this is how you are beginning to experience life.

This is the inclination of the energy; a movement toward a way of existing defined by the energy and not the logical inclinations that have been created from fears and past perceptions.

Be willing to let go of these old ways of thinking that imply the earlier generations knew something that you don’t.

Give yourself freedom to explore new ways of being here; to embrace new methods of connecting to your own Divinity by filling yourself with Faith, Hope and a devotion to finding and assimilating Truth in this life.

Take this information and share it with all that will hear it, for this is what feeds the mind Divinely.

Base your actions now on only loving thoughts of letting go of patterns that no longer serve this new desire to be here as energetic beings of Love, inspired by a sense of knowing that is beyond logic.


Be this kind of human, the creative energy of inspiration and Hope, in order for this structure to begin to define how all life is created.

You are here now because you, as the soul that you are, felt the brilliance coming forth in the energy and chose to be here to accentuate its efforts with yours.

Let life define the movements and be free to flow in whatever direction is pulling at your heart strings in any given moment.

Think of this idea of being free to shift what you are doing in any given moment!

Fear vehemently opposes this kind of freedom.  Fear says,” no you must remain stagnant; you must remain focused on what you have been doing in order to achieve some level of consistency” and yet, the energy is asking for inconsistency; it is asking for spontaneity and calling it freedom.

Freedom, dear friends!  Isn’t that what everyone is fighting for: the freedom to be free to express yourself in any manner, in any moment, in any location.

Be freedom so that this energy of freedom finds its place in the Collective and begins to attract the attention of others.

Be freedom, for it is the way of the future and we, as a Collective, can no longer deplete this energy of freedom with our impersonal fears.

Call it what you like, but know that it is your energy that is asking for this change in this world, in this moment.

It is you, the inhabitants of this planet, that are looking to free this world from the pains and angers associated with existing in an energy of fear.

Fear can no longer be the dictator of this experience.

As you embrace this idea and begin to revel in this energy of freedom, feel it taking over your thoughts, your inclinations and your actions…Just by allowing it to exist as a possibility in your mind.

The energy feels a significant shift in the way people are assimilating these new levels of higher awareness.  There is a struggle that has been affecting the abilities of many to hold on to their Truth in a logical manner and as you begin to move out of this most recent influx of energy, you will feel a shift in the way you think about this life and your place in it.

Let go of what has been defining your thoughts up until now and begin to feel entitled to be here as the energy of Love, with complete freedom to move about this world as you wish.

All life is looking to see what it is the human being does with this level of Truth and as we move forward together, we invite in a new energy of being-ness that can produce a certainty in humans, in their Divinity.

Call your inclinations to hold on to past patterns, the fear that is keeping you from realizing your Truth and create within your logical mind, a certainty in this moment being a divine expression of self, that is looking to create major change in this world and this human experience.

Do not fear change; do not define it in this low level of perception.

Be excited, for there is life beyond this shift; there is magnificent realizations and Divine connections to be made.

The energy, the spiritual foundation behind all existence, is creating this change and in this context, you can begin to feel safe and in the hands of limitless wisdom.

This is the same energy that has created photosynthesis, dolphin communication and turtle migration.   These beautiful examples of Divine intelligence prove that there is wisdom beyond this world that can bring forth the most magnificent expressions of Divine energy.  The dolphins do not need an intricate educational system to learn to communicate with one another.  The turtles do not need a map; they feel their way to their innate intelligence and this is what you, the human being, is being asked to consider.

Yes, dear friends, all that is required is consideration.

Just an inkling of a sense of a possibility, can allow this energy to move forward and become a part of this experience.

Rely less on logic; rely less on fear and look to be the energy of Faith and Hope for inspiration to create in this world.

All life is being asked to exist in a manner more consistent with spiritual intelligence, and although the human has defined itself as the predominately evolved species on earth, there are others here that can teach you the benefits in acknowledging our connection to the Divine and to one another.

(Who bring this message please?)  You do accept our assistance on occasion, dear friend, but as you are aware there are many here in the energy of this exchange and as we move forward it will become apparent that the individual is merging with the Collective, and its distinguishable characteristics are beginning to become obsolete, but in the moment, we still feel the beauty and the assistance that interpreting this individual essence can bring and so we identify our energy as that of the one known as Michael.



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