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Ever fascinated with the edges of what is seen and unseen; physical and subtle and ”known” and really known, I have made it a life-long quest to learn all I can about this choreography. This seeking took me down a meandering path where I first focused on the physical body, earning a degree in nutritional counseling and neuromuscular therapy. Working as the lead Nutritional Counselor at Ai Pono Intensive Outpatient Eating Disorder Treatment Center in Maui, Hawaii, the nudges of intuition and insight never quite abated, reminding me that our world is vastly more than mere physicality. My own recovery process years earlier first illuminated this point, but now I was being led to grasp and appreciate the healing process with a new, more Holistic, understanding. I was fascinated and inspired by the honesty, courage, vulnerability, and wisdom I witnessed working with others.  It was clear that disease and true healing depended on something other than mere physicality alone. Thus, I began a quest that led me to understand the more subtle layers of our anatomy and our dynamic psychology.  I studied various alternative healing modalities, quantum physics, various psychological modalities, and energy healing practices.  Here, I witnessed that our bodies are, in fact, reflections and houses for our soul; spiritual/energetic beings having and reacting to the energy of our very human experience.  I began to witness very little separation between energy and physicality, psychology and physiology, and subtlety and form. It became clear to me that we must recognize, embrace, and balance all parts of ourselves to find lasting change.

As a Certified Holistic Life Strategies and Food Psychology Coach I know that the choices, patterns, diseases, hurts, upsets, habits, and issues we face are, in fact, the inward paths leading to our true purpose and very best self.  My passion is uniting this world of form with the more subtle one of energy dynamics, intuition, and soul work.  It is my intention to be a truly Holistic Life Coach by bridging the gap between mind, body, emotion, spirit,and science to assist my clients on their own paths of understanding, discovery, healing, and transformation.

In truth, ever the seeker, I am still walking my own path of exploration and evolution and it is my commitment to continue to learn and grow. I am deeply honored to walk beside you on yours.

Aleka Has Much To Offer…

Holistic Life Coaching

I see our very desire for change as not indicating that something is missing but as evidence that something is present. For if we desire a healing, it our deepest wisdom reminding us that we are already whole. We just may have forgotten. We work together to excavate and undo the blocks to your radiant self and divine purpose. Because healing, wholeness, and wellness is more than the reversal of disease, injury or trauma, but a way to discover what was never lost. It is our way home.

Whether you need freedom from limiting patterns, fear, trauma, or health issues. Whether you need clarity, to rediscover intuition, align with your purpose, or discover your soul contract.

We work together to empower you to find what was never lost.

• Discover your Life Purpose

• Understand your Soul Contracts and Karmic Patterns

• Develop Intuition and your Psychic Gifts

• Unlock Habitual Patterns

• Release Limiting Beliefs and Toxic Thoughts

• Develop Strategies to Express your Authentic Self Let go of Limiting Beliefs, Release Habitual Thinking and Patterns, Gain Clarity, Purpose and Inspiration.. Change from the inside out.


Food Psychology Coaching

Do you long to find balance with your weight or body?

Do you want to feel vital and alive?

Do you yearn to make peace with food once and for all?

If you are confused about just how to find balance with your body and real vitality you are not alone. There really is a missing piece to finding a real solution in the diet, weight, body image and health equation. The standard nutritional thinking of calories in calories out looks at our bodies as physical machines that must be managed, controlled, and supervised into change. This perspective clearly isn’t working. If you want proof of that take a look at current obesity and diet trends.

This paradigm doesn’t work because we are so much more than our physical body. We are so much more than mere anatomy, biology or physiology. From a Holistic perspective, we weave together the mind, body, and soul in such a way that each has the ability to influence the other. What this means is what we eat is only half of the diet, weight, body image, and health equation. It means that who we are when we are eating and how we eat is just as important.

If you are ready to get of the diet roller coaster once and for all, find balance with your weight, and find real freedom in your relationship with food and your body then contact me to schedule a session. • Find balance with your weight • Make peace with your body • Have more energy • Heal compulsive or obsessive eating challenges • Experience better immunity and have more Energy • Heal Digestive issues and Clear Allergies The details: All Sessions available in person, skype, or via telephone


Food and Feelings 6 Week E-Course

This is not another diet program. We won’t be talking about calories, fat grams, or exercise in the way you may be used to. I have no diet pills, shakes, or bars to sell you.

This program is less about managing food, and more about uncovering the parts of you that believe you need to be managed; The parts of you that may not yet trust yourself. The parts of you that seek comfort, peace, love, and are mistakenly using food to do it. This program is about identifying the barriers you have erected, the errors in perception you have about yourself, the beliefs you wrongly perpetuate that keep you from the true expression of who you are. There is a language we can begin to decipher as we listen to our inner selves speaking to us, telling us what we must do to feel whole. And it is speaking through our relationship with food.

Together we will find the blocks, the weight on your heart that echoes the weight on your body that is keeping you from your natural hunger. We can shed our layers of pain, by getting back in touch with our inner wisdom and innate guidance system. Because the truth is, our birthright is freedom and peace in our minds and our bodies.

The 6 Week E-Course and Virtual Support Group: Program Cost $275

This is a 42 day, totally virtual, empowering program of self-discovery and transformation as it relates to how we see our physical selves, how we feel in our bodies, and how we manage food. Whatever the food issue; compulsive over or under eating, binge eating, anorexia, chronic dieting, body image issues, weight issues, bulimia or any combination we strive to ….

• Get to the bottom of personal diet myths

• Learn to become of aware of our eating patterns.

• Learn to decipher the language of our food issues to discover what the soul is truly hungry for.

• Learn how to begin to accept our bodies and learn to see the beauty we all radiate.

• Learn how to find and remove the blocks to our innate hunger so we can find our natural weight.

• Learn sound nutritional concepts that rely on whole foods, healthy fats, and variety, as well as, the concept that how what we eat is as important as what we eat.

Includes 4 private sessions with Aleka for deeper reflection and examination of core issues that arise.

• You will receive daily inspiration, meditations, and exercises and more

• You will have unlimited access to a private message board solely for group members to process, discuss, ask questions, and support one another on our journey of discovery.

When we get rid of the weight on our heart the weight on our bodies naturally finds balance. Freedom is possible.

Next Course Starts January 7th, 2013!

Food & Feelings E-course

Integrated Astrology

As above so below, as without so within, as the universe so our soul…

What if there was a way to…

o Understand what makes you who you are and Highlight the skills and abilities that you have been gifted

o Recognize and express the energy of your Authentic Soul Contract, Karma, and Purpose.

o Make sense of the cycles of your life, and learn how to negotiate effectively through times of transition and change.

o Determine the energy at play in relationships, relocation options, and the year ahead.

One’s birth chart, in the hands of a skilled astrologer, sheds its radiant light on specific life challenges and gifts, current everyday circumstances, potent developmental cycles, significant past-life influences, plus issues pertaining to destiny, health, relationships and personal empowerment. With this increased awareness, your personal growth potential is heightened, allowing you to confidently turn your challenges into opportunities.

Astrology Services Offered…
Natal Reading: This reading offers an in-depth look at your natal (birth) chart. We will uncover karmic patterns of present energy manifesting as health issues, soul wounds, gifts, behavior, choices, and fears that you bringing forward into this life. We will also focus on your soul’s purpose and what energizes, challenges, and nourishes your soul.~1.5 hours $150.00

Quick Natal Reading: A quick view of the soul map as described above.~30 minutes $75
Current Transits: Life is about cycles and the world of astrology reflects this truth. There are many important astrological cycles that represent turning points, challenges, and opportunities for expansion that correlate with our present life. So, in this reading the map gets more specific as we look at the energy manifesting “right now” and discover the very best way to work through and express that energy. This reading is especially good if you are going through a challenging time or just want more detail regarding your journey at present.~1.5 hours $150.00

Partnership Reading: Learn about the soul map regarding your unique combination and the purpose of your partnership. This is not only for romantic partnerships, but also can be useful for friendships, family, and business partnerships. Especially good for parents to gain insight on their children’s personality, challenges, and in supporting them on their authentic paths.~2 hours $225.00 *It is recommended but not required to get an individual reading first.

Relocation Reading: In this reality where we experience everything as energy we can explore how your personal energy interacts and manifests in a particular place. Great if you are considering a move to a new place or want more understanding about the place you are presently residing.~ 1.5 hrs $150

Solar Return: Each year around your birthday the Sun returns to its natal position. The placement of the planets will be different than your natal chart, and your rising sign will be different for the year as well. This chart reveals the specific energy at play in the upcoming year as well as a forecast for personal, career, money, and relationship issues that may be prevalent in the upcoming year. You need to know your exact time of birth for the most accurate reading. ~ 1.5 hrs. $150

Private Instruction: Are you interested in learning more about astrology and reading charts? Individualized instruction gives you the opportunity to learn and develop your astrological finesse. We can custom create your session based on the questions you have and the charts of your choosing. 1 hr. $100.00

Choice of Readings

What to Know Before a Reading

I need your birth data (date, time, and place) at least 48 hours before our session. • Sessions can be done in person, over the phone, or via Skype. • It is my intent to offer a safe environment and healing space. All sessions are private and confidential. All notes, charts, recordings, and birth data are kept confidential. • All sessions are recorded and sent to you after your session. The recording is not guaranteed (especially when mercury is retrograde) so if you would like to record your session you are free to do so.

If you are ready to schedule an appointment with Aleka please do so by clicking the book now button below or feel free to connect with her via her website or contact her via email 




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