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Sacral, Womb, Hara, a Tree Trunk and Emotions? What’s The Connection?

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By Charan Surdhar                                                  What do they all have in common?                                     Strength, power and wisdom to name a few things. Allow me to explain…. A few weeks ago, I went to have a massage. The massage therapist is an acquaintance of mine. We were talking about many things spiritual and it all led to the heart and how it’s important to express through the heart. This is well known of course and not new information. But she said something very interesting after this, and that was, if we have the strength in our sacral area we can come to more of a place of...

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EFT ~ Tapping Points

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Being a victim to your own emotions (EFT sequence to help)

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Find Your Way Out of Victim With EFT by Charan Surdhar Normally, in many situations we feel that we are being victimised by others, whether it be relationships, or whether it be by situations in our life. These are all situations where, if I could use the analogy, of feeling like our strings our being held and manipulated by someone or something else. These are all things that we can experience, but what I really want to talk about here is being a victim to your own emotions. What do I mean, when I say being a victim to our own emotions?  Well, we can be so judgemental and critical to the way we are feeling, and our own worst critic. Such that we have all our strings...

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