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I am the founder of Mind Body Spirit U and have started this website with you in mind. My deepest wish is to help support you on your journey during this lifetime through my own life experience, study, learning and sharing my inspiration, strength and hope with you all!

I am a seeker and I bet you are too!

I have had many roles during this journey and some of my favorites are; student, teacher, wife, mother, horse women and healer. You can get to know me better by listening to any of my Podcast shows, send me an email or just set up a time to chat!


What I am offering here on MBSU…

Family Life Coaching for the New Paradigm

My role here at this time is to help usher in a new way of looking at Motherhood, Relationships and Love. I do this in many different ways, but mostly by listening intently to you and your spirit, then reflecting back what I see, feel and hear.

Change ourselves, change our families, change our communities…change the world. I have always known I wanted to make a difference in the world. Step by step; piece by piece I started to do just that by starting with changing myself.  I had lot’s  to recover from and lot’s to change…sometimes I feel I still do and I am actually very proud of the way I am always striving to be my best Self!

One of my favorite quotes… “There is no single effort more radical in its potential for saving the world than a transformation of the way we raise our children.” ~ Marianne Williamson

Motherhood has been and continues to be one of my best teachers. I have a deep understanding of how important the right relationship with ourselves deeply impacts the right relationship with our children. So coaching Mother’s over at Transforming Family is where it all started in 2006. I have coached hundreds of women, some men and even a few children (which I absolutely love to do!) over these past years. I have conducted many coaching groups, workshops and written a few e-courses which you will find here at Mind Body Spirit U.

We will work together so you may have the life you desire!

Schedule a time to chat…

Souls Record Reading

What is a Soul Guide Reading? Similar to an Akashic Record Reading, yet how I experience it is I meet your Soul Guides and ask your questions. The Soul Guides access the information and deliver it to me, then I pass it along to you! A soul Guide Reading can be very beneficial to you when you have specific questions about a certain relationship, situation, life/health challenge and/or life transition. The guides will answer your questions with your souls evolution and best interest at heart. After you choose which option is right for you and complete payment you will be sent complete directions on how to get the most benefit from your reading! There are a couple of options for you to choose from: Global Services (Virtual):

      • Email Communication/Soul Record Reading $55
      • Limited to 8 questions per reading


  • One on One Soul Record Reading and Energy Healing Session 1 hour $88




Virtual Services

Local Services/Charleston, SC Area:

    • Private Reading Consultation and Healing Session 1 1/2 hours $111


  • Local Group Readings and Energy Healing $55/person *minimum 4 people/maximum 10 people*



Combining the reading of the records and energy healing is a profound experience. I can’t explain exactly what happens because each session is totally unique. The best way I can explain what I experience is a clearing, balancing of past life energy. Then a realignment and integration of the new energy. Quite amazing!

Chakra Clearing and Balancing

We are energy and we have a sacred energy system within our body known as the Chakra System. There are 7 Charkras that when cleared and balanced regularly will enhance your emotional and physical health. I will assist you to clear and balance your Chakras via distance healing which can lead to improvement of all sorts of things including but not limited to…

        • emotional upset



      • physical pain and other aliments



      • anger



      • resentment



      • even issues with money and control!


      Along the way you will be empowered to clear and balance your own Chakras (and maybe even some other peoples ;) ) which is just a basic part of our overall health and well being! Schedule a time now to experience a Chakra tune up!

Intuitive Energy Healing and Coaching

I connect with universal energy and give it a voice, so you can get the answers you are looking for in this lifetime. I work in a very personalized way. Blending practical, psychological and spiritual principles.

My goal is to empower you to connect with your higher self and find your answers, so that you can live your souls purpose.

    • Are you interested in finding your own personal flow?
    • Do you have a desire to connect to your own highest truth and inspirational wisdom?
    • Together we will turn up the volume of those whispers coming from your own divine wisdom!
    • You will move out of frustration, confusion and fear… Move into your own personal freedom and flow.
    • Everything I offer here on this site is designed to help you do just that!Jump into the flow~~

If you are ready to book an appointment please do so by clicking book now button or if you would rather send an email please do! Tracy @ mindbodyspiritu .com

For people interested in credentials, here they are…

1986 ~  BA

1992 ~ MAT (Masters Applied Teaching)

2006 ~ CCTA (Certified Life Coach)

2011 ~ Reiki level 1

Current ~ 21st Century Energy Medicine Practitioner


  1. I paid for a reading and healing with you through paypal. I am Chere’s friend in Florida. I wanted to know the next step of the procedure.
    Thanks. Shanti

  2. Hi Shanti and thanks! I will send you the next steps via email :-)

  3. Hello Tracy,
    I need to know how to contact you for private 1 1/2 session

  4. Hi Kim, Send me an email tracy @ mindbodyspiritu .com
    Look forward to connecting with you soon!


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