Food and Feelings 6 Week E-Course

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This is not another diet program. We won’t be talking about calories, fat grams, or exercise in the way you may be used to. I have no diet pills, shakes, or bars to sell you. This program is less about managing food, and more about uncovering the parts of you that believe you need to be managed; The parts of you that may not yet trust yourself. The parts of you that seek comfort, peace, love, and are mistakenly using food to do it. This program is about identifying the barriers you have erected, the errors in perception you have about yourself, the beliefs you wrongly perpetuate that keep you from the true expression of who you are. There is a language we can begin to decipher as we listen to our inner selves speaking to us, telling us what we must do to feel whole. And it is speaking through our relationship with food. Together we will find the blocks, the weight on your heart that echoes the weight on your body that is keeping you from your natural hunger. We can shed our layers of pain, by getting back in touch with our inner wisdom and innate guidance system. Because the truth is, our birthright is freedom and peace in our minds and our bodies.


The 6 Week E-Course and Virtual Support Group:

This is a 42 day, totally virtual, empowering program of self-discovery and transformation as it relates to how we see our physical selves, how we feel in our bodies, and how we manage food. Whatever the food issue; compulsive over or under eating, binge eating, anorexia, chronic dieting, body image issues, weight issues, bulimia or any combination we strive to ….

  • Get to the bottom of personal diet myths
  • Learn to become of aware of our eating patterns.
  • Learn to decipher the language of our food issues to discover what the soul is truly hungry for.
  • Learn how to begin to accept our bodies and learn to see the beauty we all radiate.
  • Learn how to find and remove the blocks to our innate hunger so we can find our natural weight.
  • Learn sound nutritional concepts that rely on whole foods, healthy fats, and variety, as well as, the concept that how what we eat is as important as what we eat.
  • Includes 4 private sessions with Aleka for deeper reflection and examination of core issues that arise.
  • You will receive daily inspiration, meditations, and exercises and more
  • You will have unlimited access to a private message board solely for group members to process, discuss, ask questions, and support one another on our journey of discovery

When we get rid of the weight on our heart the weight on our bodies naturally finds balance.
Freedom is possible.

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Next course starts January 7th 2013!

Food & Feelings E-course