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Mind Body Spirit U Teaching Series

This weeks class is dedicated to Valentines Day and Love!

Valentines Day Special ~ L-O-V-E Edition!

Listen in today for a very special show about love with all of the Mind Body Spirit U Teachers! Today everyone is here to share about a specific aspect of love…

  • Charan is going to talk about the heart wall. What it is and how to clear it using Emotion Code.
  • Aleka is sharing about love -vs- fear.
  • Lindsay is reminding of us of where it all needs to begin and that is with Self love!
  • Tracy is giving her two cents about everything (as usually) and also expanding on the topic of unconditional love.

Tune in… your bound to learn something new today about L-O-V-E!

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MBSU Teaching Series ~ Forgiveness

February 6th, 2012

Today’s Topic for the Mind Body Spirit U Teaching series is a BIG one!


Tracy Liebmann and Aleka Thorvalson explore this very important and vast subject.

Listen in if you would like to…

  • Learn more about forgiveness        
  • Finally forgive someone
  • How to forgive the unforgivable
  • The process of forgiveness
  • Let go of the past and move into the future
  • Learn the *real* meaning of forgiveness

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Learn to Clear and Balance Your Chakra’s

March 2, 2012

Join Tracy for an overview of the energy system known as the Chakra’s and how they affect our everyday lives.

Which includes…

  • Physical Location in the body
  • Colors associated with each Chakra and their healing abilities
  • Emotional and physical responses to Chakra imbalances
  • Learn to clear and balance your Chakras
  • Chakra clearing and balancing meditation (worth showing up just for this;)

You will also receive…
Practical tools that you will be able to use everyday to keep your Chakra system clear and balanced!!

Clear and Balanced Chakras = Clear and Balanced yoU!

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MBSU Teaching Series ~ Karma

March 6, 2012

Today’s topic is Karma.                                                                 

Aleka and Tracy will discuss spiritual concepts that will help us live our lives more fully. Starting out there will be a new Mind Body Spirit U “class” the first Tuesday of every month, so mark your calendar and start your new year growing and learning with us!

This month topic is Karma! Aleka has some interesting new ways to look at Karma; what it is and how it affects our daily lives! Listen in and learn…

  • Why is it that we have such big reactions to certain things in our lives.
  • How karma is not punitive.
  • What does cause and effect have to do with Karma.
  • How does Karma affect the law of attraction?
  • How are beliefs and Karma inter-related?

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