7 Steps to Empowerment ~ Healing Through The Chakras

All Journeys begin with a single step…this journey deeper into self and your true power is no different! Together we will walk on this 7 week journey which will be guided by the sacred energy system known as the chakras.  No need to understand or even know about the chakra system…because I will guide you through this course.

Please join me…you will leave more empowered than when you began! Weekly you will receive tools to help aid you along the way and here is a brief look at what we will do week by week…

Week 1 ~ Our biography

  • Looking at our past and how it motivates us today.
  • Get rid of the garbage and embrace what we want/have today!
  • Locate our needs
  • Learn how to stand up for ourselves and what we believe!
  • Own our right to be here (exist!)

Week 2 ~ Give birth to ourselves!

  • We will connect with how powerful we really are
  • We will awaken our creative spirit
  • Embrace our emotions
  • Get back in touch with that “essential you” who you were before any wounding
  • Get back in touch with your playfulness and have some fun!

Week 3 ~ Who am I?

  • Get in touch with who you are and who you want to be
  • Love yourself, embrace self confidence and who you are
  • Claim your POWER!!
  • Examine what boundaries you need to feel your best
  • Learn how to say NO!
  • Say bye bye to shame!

Week 4 ~ All we need is love…

  • It’s all about relationships
  • You are loving and lovable
  • Forgiveness is truly a gift…you first, then others
  • Let’s find our balance…it’s about time!
  • Peace man :-)

Week 5 ~ Are you ready to speak your truth?

  • Let’s connect through good communication
  • Learning to ask for what you need (we located them during week one)
  • Truth, lies and secrets
  • Living in harmony with others; while speaking and being your true self!
  • Express yourself

Week 6 ~ You are Divine…no really you are!

  • Having a relationship with our divine self
  • Exploring our intuition
  • Tapping into our inner knowing
  • Develop a guiding vision for this time in your life
  • Understanding what powerful creators we are!

Week 7 ~ Connecting to All That There Is!!

    • Connecting with our true spirit
    • Connecting with each other…we are all one
    • Examining our beliefs about God/Source
    • Are you open minded?
    • Developing our trust in self, others and source
    • What is your divine (soul) purpose?
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