Epigentic Health Balancing Program

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Balancing your Immunity and Health painlessly and in the comfort of your own home. It is possible with the help of Epigentics and your own healing ability!

Epigenticist Charan Surdhar explains the process…”This package is for anyone and everyone. Why? Because I believe and know in my heart that when our body is in balance, then any imbalances or disease we have is easier for the body to “correct”. Health is innately built into our DNA, and when we can balance the energy around the DNA it’s only natural to have positive gene expression and health.”

Session One:
Overall reading of your health; which includes:

  • immunity levels
  • level of information reaching body from brain and heart
  • toxicity in body including clearing what is found
  • and then looking to see which organs and glands are balanced or imbalanced

Sessions Two, Three and Four:

  • continuing to help release energies to allow for the body to functional at an optimal level, allowing for healing to happen from within.
  • to get the immunity, and levels of information reaching body from brain and heart to be above 95%
  • to balance all organs and glands
Health Balancing Program is an Investment in your Health!
4 Sessions with Epigenticist Charan Surdhar $ 360
*Bonus Included* Audio Introduction to Epigentics a $39 value!

Note: for chronic conditions, this may take longer then 4 sessions.


What Past Clients of Charan’s Have Said About Their Work Together…

I’m so thankful for Charan and her work and really can’t recommend her highly enough! I had some therapy with Charan recently after finding a lump in my breast, I’d had some discomfort and pain for a while and something didn’t quite feel right. After a few weeks I finally went to see my doctor who confirmed there was indeed a lump and referred me to a specialist on an emergency basis. While waiting for the appointment I decided to do some work with Charan as I’m a strong believer in the benefits of energy therapies and really wasn’t looking forward to going to the hospital! During the session Charan released several trapped emotions and psychic traumas many of which were related to a surgery I’d had around 10 years earlier to have breast implants! The surgery was very traumatic and I went into shock afterwards but had no idea it would be in any way related to the pain I was currently experiencing! At the end of the session Charan asked how the pain in my breast now felt and I was absolutely amazed to find it had gone along with any sign of the lump!

I was absolutely elated and so relieved!

I went to my appointment with the specialist anyway just to be absolutely sure and was so happy when the surgeon said he couldn’t feel any lump at all and I had an ultrasound scan and a mammogram both of which were completely clear! I’m so appreciative of the work Charan did with me and I continue to work with her on a regular basis for other issues I want to clear in my life.

Prior to having sessions with Body Code Practitioner Charan Surdhar, this is what I had been experiencing. I had been seeing my GP with symptoms of exhaustion, waking up in the night gasping for breath and involuntary shaking of my head which mainly occurred while sleeping. I also felt quite ‘stuck’ emotionally and wasn’t sure how to move forward in any area of my life. I would struggle to remember things more than usual and experienced brain fog. Blood tests revealed that I had an underactive Thyroid. My TSH levels were found to be 13 when the maximum they should have been is 4. My naturopath also did a muscle test and found that I was suffering from Adrenal Fatigue.

I had three sessions with Charan. What came up during the sessions made a lot of sense to me in terms of what was holding me back. It was found that I had a heart wall. After releasing the heart wall and the other trapped emotions I experienced surprising results in quite a short space of time. I chose to check in with my body everyday using the sway test to see how much thyroxine it needed, and found that my body was needing less and less. And now it has been a month where it has not needed it at all. I am going to have a blood test to confirm my new found health.

My energy levels are so much improved. I can now take regular exercise where previously I spent entire days in bed with exhaustion. I can easily manage a full week at work now where previously I stopped working altogether. I am now planning workshops for people to share energy techniques with them and am feeling that zest for life again. Emotionally, I feel a lot more clarity, stability and a sense of purpose again. The biggest thing for me is how quickly things have shifted once the energy around it all had shifted. I also understand that some people are on Thyroxine medication for years and I am surprised at how quickly I have been able to get to the stage where no medication is needed. I would have no hesitation in recommending Charan to anyone and am grateful for experiencing her wonderful gifts.


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