Ho’oponopono Blue Solar Water Meditation

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Ho’poponopono Blue Solar Water, has beautiful cleansing and cleaning properties. I was inspired to write this meditation to access these beautiful properties. In this meditation, I take you to a beautiful secluded place, where there is a gentle, beautiful blue solar water waterfall, which you can sit under and access these cleansing and cleaning properties. In the background, I sing “Ra Ma Da Sa, Sa Say So Hung”. The translation of this is:

Ra- Sun
Ma- Moon
Da- Earth
Sa- Impersonal infinity
Sa Say- Totally of infinity
So- Personal sense of merger and identity
Hung- The infinite vibrating and real

So by listening to this, you can feel the internal masculine and feminine come together too, represented by the sun and moon, the yin and yang.
Thank you, and I Love you.


Charan Sudhar

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