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I believe profound change is needed in this world; the evidence of this is everywhere.

If you are here reading this, I bet that you agree. And I bet like me you’ve wondered if you have the courage to face all that requires changing. Because there is just. so. much. Does it scare the pants off you sometimes too? When I try to take it all in at once, from our food supply, to the abuses of our planet and its peoples, the meaning of ‘health care’ in our culture, to parenting and what it takes to have a great relationship with my significant other, to designing meaningful and soul-nourishing livelihood – it can be overwhelming!! And yet, when I broaden back and relax a little, I can peer into the reality that I have created change in all these realms; some of it profound. Now, I’m not talking about starting a revolution from my basement, or re-writing social policy (yet), but in the swirling vortices of where my life interacts with those aspects of our human existence, I can confidently say I’ve created or initiated change. Some of it profound.

And so can YOU.

With a desire for change, a toolkit, a sisterhood of support, and people who will stand shoulder to shoulder with you, you too can create the change you want to see in your life and in your world. I believe deep in my heart that when a critical mass of women draw upon their courage and embark on the journey of resolve and change from within – Look Out World!

To be a part of, and facilitate profound change in your life takes courage, and it takes practice. I’m here to say that the place to begin, is within. We must first be able to access and draw upon our strengths, wisdom and inner power. If you aren’t already living from that place it does NOT mean you don’t have strength, wisdom or inner power, it simply means you have certain blocks to accessing them.

Removing those blocks rarely happens sitting across from someone whose goal is to help you understand what is wrong with you. It DOES happen working with someone who has tools to address the energetic reasons the blocks are there. With someone whose goal is to help you see yourself as whole, to help you understand more about why you are so magnificent, as well as offering you simple and effective tools to use for yourself when you forget.

Certified EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner

How do I work? Read on in the Integrated Energetic Coaching section…

Integrated Energetic Coaching

Clients who work with me have someone who stands shoulder to shoulder with them, not someone who sits across from them. I work with you to dig deep, using gentle but very effective tools that uncover and address the energetic and/or emotional reasons that are holding you back from moving where you want to go. I see you for the potential of who you want to be and hold that vision while assisting you to uncover and realize that more fully.

I use a variety of energy based and human understanding tools, including EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, knowledge the introverted and Highly Sensitive Persons temperament, the energetic nature of our world and I am informed by numerous other energy tools and fields of study.

Our work together is tailored to your individual needs. This includes the tools used in the sessions as well as how many sessions we may work together. The best way of beginning the process of determining this is to schedule a free get acquainted chat. (click on the Book Now button below) This will allow you to get a feel for me and help you decide if we are indeed a good fit. Additionally, it will help me understand what it is you are looking for and how our work together will be of help, which I will of course outline for you as I see it.

If you are someone who wants to move beyond fear, hesitation and self-doubt to begin crafting a life based on meaningful relationships, knowing who you are and what your strengths and gifts are, let’s get in touch and talk!

You can click the Book Now button or email me at

Integrated Energetic Coaching Sessions are available by telephone or Skype and a generally 75 mins in length

  • One Session $95
  • Package of 4 sessions $ 350
  • Package of 8 sessions $610

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Also known as ‘tapping’, EFT is a powerful mind-body technique that helps the body and unconscious mind get in alignment with the desires of the conscious mind.

The beauty in EFT is that it addresses the duality of where we get ourselves stuck. Our stuck negative states nearly always involve a feeling and a series of thoughts that we have about the feelings.

When using EFT we communicate with the mind using words and also with the body through the tapping. Psychological work in isolation can provide shifts in thought patterns, but the emotional realm doesn’t always fall in line after the thoughts have changed, and so the work feels incomplete. Body work can be very effective in restoring balance, but if stress associated with thought patterns is creating the body imbalance results will not be as long lasting as desired.

Addressing both thoughts and emotions simultaneously using EFT provides both more profound shifts and lasting results.

EFT is a highly effective tool and can be used for:

• weight loss, food cravings and emotional eating

• sadness grief and loss

• family issues

• negative memories

• self image enhancement

• enhancing Law of Attraction more

60 minute EFT session – $95

Matrix Reimprinting

Matrix Reimprinting is a cutting edge technique born from EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique or ‘tapping’) that enables dramatically transformation in physical and emotional wellbeing. Benefits of Matrix Reimprinting include : • transformation core issues • allowing access and resolution from blocked and preconscious memories • changing long-standing negative core beliefs • it is fun creative and works quickly to achieve results 90 minute Matrix Reimprinting session – $145

If you would like to connect with Lindsay, even just to ask questions, please email her at Lindsay @ mindbodyspiritu .com

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