Our Intention

The spiral in our logo represents we are all one and we are all connected. We are all teachers, students and masters.

The spiral also represents how our thoughts, feelings and beliefs affect everything.

Our thoughts, feelings and beliefs affect our emotions and our emotional body affects our physical body. Taking good care of your mind and spirit = emotional health. Nurturing your emotional health = nurturing your physical health. It all spirals together in a wonderful dance between the mind, body and spirit!

The U obviously represents YOU and the idea of a Spiritual University…which actually is exactly what life is! Life and all of our experiences here are our classroom in this Spiritual University and MBSU is here to assist your learning and healing.

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YOU are the most important part of this equation; for without you, there would be no mind, body and spirit.

Our goal at Mind Body Spirit U is to bring us together to seek knowledge that will promote our personal and spiritual growth, which will bring emotional and physical health.

All our offerings are meant to do just that. Whether it’s an e-course, tele/web-seminar, private coaching or one of our energy healing modalities…you are sure to find what you seek here at Mind Body Spirit U and all from the comfort of your own home!

Heal from the inside out!

Together we will teach, learn, grow and heal.

Alone we are amazing…together magnificent…please join us in the spiral!


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