Energy Healing

What is energy Healing?

Energy Healing, also called Energy Medicine is older than any other form of modern day medicine. There are many different forms and modalities associated with energy healing and here at Mind Body Spirit U we are bringing some of the most empowering, cutting edge healers right to you…think of it as an Age of Aquarius house call!

Energy Medicine is one of the best ways to become more balanced and stay healthy in our modern world.  Our energy is in constant motion; our emotions, thoughts and daily activities can get us out of balance which left unchecked can lead to all sorts of health concerns including mental illness and/or physical illness.

It is a fact…we are energy. Why do you think they use those paddles to shock your heart back to pumping in the ER? Energy.

Here at Mind Body Spirit U we do not use any artificial ways to balance your energy. We use the united energy field and our deep unwavering intention to correct imbalances in your energy. Each of our practitioners has their own skill set and training and are amazing at what they do. You are in good hands regardless of who you choose. Follow your heart/intuition in choosing your energy healing practitioner and trust that we have your best interest in mind.

We are a collaborative wellness center. All our teachers and healers have agreed that you are why we are here and if we feel as though another practitioner would be better suited for your healing needs we will recommend them to you. What we want is what you want…to learn, grow and heal!

Here are some of our energy modalities…