Many of our teachers are able to give different types of readings. From Astrology, mediumship, spirit guides, past lives to ascended masters! It’s all possible and they are all so astute in helping us along our path. Life is an adventure and it gets even more exciting when we open up to all that is available to us!

Whether you are looking for insights about relationships, jobs, moving, starting a business, family issues or the biggest question of all…why am I here? Doing a reading with one of our teachers will help!

Integrated Astrology with Aleka

 As above so below, as without so within, as the universe so our soul…

What if there was a way to…

o Understand what makes you who you are and Highlight the skills and abilities that you have been gifted

o Recognize and express the energy of your Authentic Soul Contract, Karma, and Purpose.

o Make sense of the cycles of your life, and learn how to negotiate effectively through times of transition and change.

o Determine the energy at play in relationships, relocation options, and the year ahead.

One’s birth chart, in the hands of a skilled astrologer, sheds its radiant light on specific life challenges and gifts, current everyday circumstances, potent developmental cycles, significant past-life influences, plus issues pertaining to destiny, health, relationships and personal empowerment. With this increased awareness, your personal growth potential is heightened, allowing you to confidently turn your challenges into opportunities.

Astrology Services Offered…

Natal Reading: This reading offers an in-depth look at your natal (birth) chart. We will uncover karmic patterns of present energy manifesting as health issues, soul wounds, gifts, behavior, choices, and fears that you bringing forward into this life. We will also focus on your soul’s purpose and what energizes, challenges, and nourishes your soul.~1.5 hours $110

Quick Natal Reading: A quick view of the soul map as described above.~30 minutes $60

Current Transits: Life is about cycles and the world of astrology reflects this truth. There are many important astrological cycles that represent turning points, challenges, and opportunities for expansion that correlate with our present life. So, in this reading the map gets more specific as we look at the energy manifesting “right now” and discover the very best way to work through and express that energy. This reading is especially good if you are going through a challenging time or just want more detail regarding your journey at present.~1.5 hours $110

Partnership Reading: Learn about the soul map regarding your unique combination and the purpose of your partnership. This is not only for romantic partnerships, but also can be useful for friendships, family, and business partnerships. Especially good for parents to gain insight on their children’s personality, challenges, and in supporting them on their authentic paths.~2 hours $160 *It is recommended but not required to get an individual reading first.

Relocation Reading: In this reality where we experience everything as energy we can explore how your personal energy interacts and manifests in a particular place. Great if you are considering a move to a new place or want more understanding about the place you are presently residing.~ 1.5 hrs $110

Solar Return: Each year around your birthday the Sun returns to its natal position. The placement of the planets will be different than your natal chart, and your rising sign will be different for the year as well. This chart reveals the specific energy at play in the upcoming year as well as a forecast for personal, career, money, and relationship issues that may be prevalent in the upcoming year. You need to know your exact time of birth for the most accurate reading. ~ 1.5 hrs. $110

Private Instruction: Are you interested in learning more about astrology and reading charts? Individualized instruction gives you the opportunity to learn and develop your astrological finesse. We can custom create your session based on the questions you have and the charts of your choosing. 1 hr. $60

Follow up sessions: Great for any follow up questions you may have or for getting more in-depth in a particular area.

What to Know Before a Reading

• I need your birth data (date, time, and place) at least 48 hours before our session.

• Sessions can be done in person, over the phone, or via Skype.

• It is my intent to offer a safe environment and healing space. All sessions are private and confidential. All notes, charts, recordings, and birth data are kept confidential.

• All sessions are recorded and sent to you after your session. The recording is not guaranteed (especially when mercury is retrograde) so if you would like to record your session you are free to do so.

Soul Record Reading with Tracy

What is a Soul Guide Reading?

Similar to an Akashic Record Reading, yet how I experience it is I meet your Soul Guides and ask your questions. The Soul Guides access the information and deliver it to me, then I pass it along to you! A soul Guide Reading can be very beneficial to you when you have specific questions about a certain relationship, situation, life/health challenge and/or life transition. The guides will answer your questions with your souls evolution and best interest at heart.

After you choose which option is right for you and complete payment you will be sent complete directions on how to get the most benefit from your reading!

There are a couple of options for you to choose from:

Global Services (Virtual):

    • Email Communication/Soul Record Reading $55
    • One on One Soul Record Reading and Energy Healing Session 1 hour $88

Virtual Services

Local Services/Charleston, SC Area:

  • Private Reading Consultation and Healing Session 1 1/2 hours $111
  • Local Group Readings and Energy Healing $55/person *minimum 4 people/maximum 10 people*

Combining the reading of the records and energy healing is a profound experience. I can’t explain exactly what happens because each session is totally unique. The best way I can explain what I experience is a clearing, balancing of past life energy. Then a realignment and integration of the new energy. Quite amazing!




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