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Release Negative Emotions

Posted by on Aug 1, 2012 in Library, Meditation Videos | 0 comments

A visual meditation that will release negative emotion about any person, place or situation in your life that is disrupting your peace. by Tracy Liebmann

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Bursting the Bubble around the Heart

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Do you or anyone you know suffer from depression? Do you feel unable to interact freely with the world around you? Do you feel you aren’t reaching your full potential in life? If any of these resonate with you, then what I share in this video may feel true to you.     by Charan Sudhar  

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Is Stress From Your past Haunting You?

Posted by on Jan 15, 2012 in Emotional Well-being, Library | 0 comments

Are you haunted From the Past? by Charan Surdhar Many of us have heard someone going through a stressful situation say “I feel sick to my stomach”. Christmas is coming up too, and that in and of itself, can bring about more stress in different forms, as well as digestive issues like bloating and abdominal pain, which are just a few examples. Conventional approaches such as taking antacids for gastric issues only repress the symptoms and don’t resolve the issue at hand. Just recently, I experienced some stress in my life that resulted in me having very uncomfortable abdominal pain, and bloating. When I used the Body Code on myself I assumed that what would show up...

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Family Harmony

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Family Flow~ by Tracy Liebmann I believe the simple principles of family harmony are three fold, when you look at your family you must look at three key elements, body, mind, and spirit. A healthy family is like a healthy body, the system works together, almost effortlessly. The brain is functioning, the heart pumps, the lungs breathe and the body moves. In our families if every persons needs are being meet the family will be functioning well and in harmony with one another. It is important to check in with the three key elements to help the family work well together. What are the needs for the body, mind and spirit of each family member? Every human being is made up...

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