The End of the World…or is it the Beginning?

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The End of the World…or is it the Beginning?

by Aleka Thorvalson

The winter solstice, Dec. 21st 2012, is almost here. And unless you live on a deserted island or have been on a decade long media fast there is no doubt you have heard the buzz about this auspicious time. The end of the Mayan calendar, the shift, the end of the world, and the sun traveling into the great void or galactic center; these are just a few of the themes of late. As a counseling astrologer I get asked about this time quite a bit. As such, I wanted to share my humble opinion on just what is going on and hopefully dispel some of the fear by bringing further understanding.

To get us started I want to start with a few facts.

  1.   Some scholars match the winter solstice date with the end of the Mayan calendar. Yes, the Mayan calendar is ending. Eventually. Scholars actually disagree on when that actual date is. Many report that it ended last year and some say it won’t end for a few more months. So, in essence, we do not know for sure.
  2.  Regardless of the actual date confusion, the question that must be asked is, “what happens when the calendar ends?” Well, according to Mayan elders it starts all over again. Which is, in my opinion, a critical point of understanding. It is the end of an age, yes, but more importantly, it is thebeginning of a new one. Perhaps, it is in that knowledge that we should place our focus.
  3.  The sun will actually not be falling into the Galactic Center. According, to NASA scientists the sun will be about 28,000 light years away from it.
  4.  We astrologers reference something called an orb of influence.  This is based on the understanding that events that trigger change and the change that follows do not happen simultaneously, but evolve over time. There is a building of the energy, then a crisis or choice point, and then the assimilation or learning that follows the event. Like a wave in the ocean there is a building, a peak, and a receding. In other words, real change is a process not an event. Thus, we have actually been feeling this current shift of energy since the 80’s and it will be continued to be felt until 2016. So are there significant changes afoot? Yes. But rest assured you have likely been experiencing this energy for a while now.

So maybe it is not the end of the world per se but there is no doubt that the energy of change is imminent. We don’t need a Mayan calendar or an Astrologer to tell us that. What can be helpful however, is looking at the change from a higher perspective, and taking note of current planetary forces does just that. It gives us a tool that can assist us to better understand just what is happening and just what we are being asked to do. And we need all the help we can get. What is being revealed is that this is a time of increased intensity and acceleration. That the structure and confines we have erected in the name of safety and security are coming into question. Our institutions and infrastructure, our government, our schools, our laws of conduct, and the way we treat the planet are coming to the forefront as we are faced with the truth that we have been doing is not working. These outdated systems are requiring real evaluation, and ultimately they are going to require change.  How well that goes for us is a matter of perspective. So, I ask you, how good you are at letting go of things you thought defined you? How well do you get real with yourself? I know. Tough stuff. But this is what we are dealing with.

We are being asked to examine the big stuff (money, relationships, our health, even life itself etc.) and let go of any beliefs or structures that are requiring a change. That stuff that you haven’t wanted to look at? Well, life is likely requiring that you do so now. Like a forest fire clearing out dead wood, we have to burn away what is no longer working so we can make room for the stuff that is. Inherent in every new beginning is the energy of letting go. We can’t grow by staying the same.

Collectively, we are being asked to look at the institutions and frameworks of society that we have erected based on outdated paradigms of war, conflict, and old science, to realize that they are no longer working. We need a new way. Our society is at a choice point of change. Yet, for collective change to emerge we must go deeper than that. The only way to change the big picture is to study the details and the details are us. Ghandi said it best, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” So, we have to start with ourselves. Quite simply, that  means we must embody, we must practice, we must strongly intend and align with the changes we seek.

The fact is, force creates counter force. We will never find peace by fighting for it. We will never find love by demanding it. We will never find joy by seeking it in physical things. There are no exceptions to that.  And real change is like building a path stone by stone. It is a journey not a destination.  Every moment we have the choice how we want to create the next one. Every moment we get to decide which stone we are placing in front of us, and thus we choose the direction and destination of our path.

  • If we want more love we must practice loving thoughts.
  • If we want more peace in the world, we must stop creating and participating in war in our own lives.
  • If we want unity we must stop believing we are better, know more, have more, or do more than another.
  • If we want full disclosure we must be impeccable with our own words.

One of my favorite aspects of astrology is that is never gives us direction for change without the assurance that it is possible. Change is absolutely possible. In fact, I might say that it is imperative. So, while there are challenges arising, pain surfacing, and fear looking us straight in the face, we get to absolutely choose just how we are going to work through it. Our actions now determine where we end up. The most significant part of all of this is that we have the power to choose how willingly we release what we need to and how openly we accept the changes we are being asked to make.

So,  is the world ending December 21st, 2012? No, I imagine December 22 will emerge just as expected.  Our world however is vastly more than a collection of elements; earth, water, air, and fire: it is a collective story. Our world is us . It is this world that is coming into question and it is this world where endings are being felt. You are likely being challenged to let go of something important, a mindset, a story, a fear, or to get real about something you have been thus overlooking. Yet, the grace of letting go also assures that something new is created. We can thus choose to turn the fire of rejuvenation on our own outdated belief systems, the war we have with ourselves, and the fear, the shame, and the self- judgment we hold and thus make way for a world that is less of those things.  Imagine what a world we would live in if we each committed to doing that? That is the new BEginning we are being called to create.


  1. Thank you Aleka, The power of choice seems to very clear these days. Awareness is powerful. I think one of the pleasures I’ve had these days is traveling and meeting people with this awareness and coming home and sharing this with people on the same awareness. The power of numbers as just like you said, we are the world. Love you insight and beauty. Blessings!

  2. Hi Aleka! Thank you for simplifying a confusing subject. It’s easy to get swept up in the many different opinions that people have about 12/21/12. And it’s easy to get confused by all the swirling ideas, lots of which have fear as the undertone. I love your take on it. I’ve been going inward and trying to listen for the answers for myself, and I’m coming up with much the same ideas as you. Pretty cool time to be alive. Glad we all chose to be here. Miss you and wishing you and the family much joy.

  3. Thank you Tonja and Stacey for sharing your thoughts. I agree awareness and going inward are paramount to the process. We really do have all the answers if we just get still enough to hear.

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