The Evolution of Astrology…..

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by Aleka Thorvalson

Say the word “astrology” and most people think of sun sign descriptions in a newspaper horoscope. For others, the word astrology might conjure up images of smoky back rooms and velvet curtains where a mysterious woman crones dire predictions. Historically speaking there is relevance to some of these presuppositions- mostly because they are true. There has been a slow transformation taking place over the last few decades in the field of astrology that reflects a new paradigm, however. One that seems to shadow an evolution in our collective consciousness and is bringing astrology from the back rooms of hushed premonitions to the forefront of healing and health.
This new branch of astrology emerged separately but synchronistically in the l970’s and 80’s. Gifted astrologers like Stephen Arroyo, Alan Oken, Martin Shulman, David Railley, A.T. Mann and Ray Merriman led the charge to challenge traditional astrological paradigms. Jeffrey Green and Steven Forrest took these ideas and ran with them creating a whole new branch of astrology called Evolutionary Astrology. Simultaneously, another divergence was entering the scene which reflected a more psychological slant led by noted astrologers Liz Greene and Howard Sasportas and heavily based on the work of Carl Jung. Like tributaries that connect back to a rushing river, all these new astrological models flow together to form a beautiful and sacred science. Called sacred astrology, it blends astrological principles, with psychology, evolutionary principles, and intuition.

Astrology is a learned, proven, and trusted science. Often taking years of study and practice. A good sacred astrologer has fundamental astrological knowledge as well as a deep respect and understanding of human nature. Many astrologers of this type will also be educated in psychology, social work, and related disciplines. Most are highly intuitive, courageous teachers, and gifted counselors.

The basic science of astrology is based on birth time, date, and location. From this data a chart called a natal or birth chart is created. It is a snapshot of the sky at that precise moment of birth. In a very real sense the birth chart is a divinely inspired personal road map. Like a map, the astrologer reads the placements of planets, asteroids, and angles to ascertain the karmic terrain of the path ahead and behind, the tools available along the way, and pitfalls that are possible.

The sacred astrologer takes the whole person into account starting with the knowing that each person comes into this life with a soul packed with a personality, a purpose, and the gift of choice. Heavily seeped in these understandings the sacred astrologer is able to give insight into a person’s life from a soul perspective. They are able to tackle the big questions. Fears, life patterns, relationships, and habits can be truly understood and then transformed. Life’s purpose and potential, past lives, and dreams can be unearthed and validated. It is a tool for self reflection, honesty, and accountability. In essence, it is a tool for making sense of the complex inner world where soul meets body. It is through this greater understanding of self where change and ultimately healing can happen.

Astrology is certainly not alone in its ability to bring deep self realization of course. Find a good therapist. Scale a mountain. Learn a skill. Have children. Life has a way of bringing the lessons right to our doorstep anyway. What astrology has on its side is acceleration. The lessons that may take a person a decade to unravel and decipher on their own, a good astrologer can quickly and quite profoundly reveal in an hour.
Herein lies its gift.


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