The Underlying Cause for Addictions

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The Underlying Cause for Addictions

by Charan Surdhar

This time of year can be a time where personal habits or addictions can come to the forefront, more so now than any other time of the year. A few examples could be spending money you don’t have which can lead to more debt, consuming alcohol also tends to go up more during this time of year in comparison to the rest of the year, and of course out of control eating habits. It’s as if our inner gremlins come out more at this time of year, which reinforces an already low level of self-esteem and self-worth.

We may perceive that through this state of mind that people you may know are having more fun than you, as they consume as much alcohol as they want, or eat as many chocolates as they want, or have enough money to buy the things they want, but for you these may be sore spots and have to be “controlled”. It is out of this feeling to control the situation that you find yourself “losing control,” and being in a situation that spirals out of control. This can lead to guilt and the feeling of wanting to overcome it.  You then follow through with more of that action to “numb” the guilt, and so it spirals and the cycle continues.

Recognizing the symptoms within yourself is one of the most important steps of conquering your addiction. Engaging in a particular behavior more and more frequently just to get the desired effect can lead to withdrawal symptoms experienced when not engaging in that particular activity or behavior (which is usually the opposite of the effects of the addictive behavior i.e. the guilt and shame). The reason this becomes important during Christmas is that social, occupational, or recreational activities become more focused around the addiction. As you can see, with each cycle of this behavior there are many emotions experienced.

Do these emotions become trapped in the body? Possibly. Are these emotions being triggered by trapped emotions from previous cycles of this behavior? Possibly.

Are these behaviors triggered by past events in one’s life that resulted in trapped emotions and now leading to more of these cycles being experienced? Possibly. So what could be the cause of these addictive behaviors? As Dr. Brad says, a majority of our issues are connected to having trapped emotions. This can be anywhere in the body, and/or around the heart in the form of a Heartwall. Addictive behaviors can be experienced on a deeply emotional level. This suggests that there is some form of disruption in the flow of energy in the person caused by trapped emotions.

In just in the last year, Dr Brad has discovered what he calls the Addictive Heart Energy, which drives addictive behaviors. It can feed a whole host of addictions. The best way to explain this energy is to say that the deepest part of our heart remembers and longs to return to our life before our birth, when we lived with God in a state of perfect abundance, love and joy. Since we cannot experience that existence in this world, Addictive Heart Energy can be created as a result.

So what can be done? With muscle testing it is possible to tune into your inner wisdom or subconscious mind, and ask what is causing that particular behavior or addiction. This could be anything from a trapped emotion around the body to removing the heart wall and also identifying and removing the Addictive Heart Energy (once the heart wall has been removed). Can something so complicated as an addiction be helped in this way? Again, it comes down to the fact that everything is energy. If the energy of your body isn’t flowing well, there will be a disruption and it will manifest physically in many ways, including possibly as addiction. The subconscious doesn’t “label” the disruption, we do. That isn’t to undermine the pain and suffering that addictions can bring, but to just say that it is about correcting the energy flow of the body. In this season of giving and receiving, you or a loved one can have the gift of allowing your body’s energy to flow naturally again. Thank you for allowing me to share with you.

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