What’s Your Souls Purpose?

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What’s Your Souls Purpose?

Laura Mirante Channel 10-27-11

Presented on ~In The Flow With Tracy Podcast Show


There are limitless avenues for interdimensional forms of communication and as you each find your way to this level of understanding, you will begin to notice an intense desire to leave behind what is not astute, what is not in line with the higher purpose that is creating this experience. You are each individual sparks of an energy of creation and this effort; to understand this concept and integrate it into your daily life, this effort itself gives spirit the opening to create experiences in your life to show you the lessons through your experiences that will educate you on you.

This life is a journey of self discovery, self, being the energy that you are. This is a game of hide and seek for souls to enter a realm predominantly overwhelmed with fear in darkness as loving beings of light in order to be a part of an experience that educates the energy on what it means to be physical and how it feels to be emotionally driven and the affects of promoting the education of the logical mind and how this education effects your innate ability to commune with the energies of the creator.

You see, as energy we are all divinely connected. There is a collective consciousness that each individual feeds and this collective understanding of life is what you are filling with your experiences and your perceptions of life as you engage it in a physical manner. This collective understanding has been available to you each as individuals through the energetic connection that exists within you. There are certain channels that connect with certain levels of understanding and there are intuitive links to certain aspects of self that can illuminate for one in the physical the most astute direction to follow.

Feeling your way through life is something that spirit highly recommends!

For in feeling you are connecting to the energy, where as in thinking you are looking to a surface understanding of life for direction. Thinking is limited by the education and experiences of the individual, where as feeling/intuiting is connecting to a limitless well of knowledge that is directly addressing your individual personal experiences. Can you see the difference here? In looking for your answers externally in this society or looking within to the connection you have to the divine that exists in all living beings.

This is a time in history that will be remembered for the illumination brought upon the earth for those willing to step outside of the box and connect to the divine energy within them. Let this understanding of life be what guides you now. Be an energy of HOPE not a person of deception. People exist here in a state of confusion for they are searching outside of themselves for something that exists with in them. Each individual is a unique gift to this physical experience and this is what is driving the interconnected experiences of frustration now for the soul itself is frustrated, for the human will not allow it to be here free from fearful limitations of logic. Your soul knows what you came to be, what you came to experience and what you came to add to this collective experiences’ and when you dismiss your feelings, your passions and your insights because of your or irrational interpretation of what it means to follow your dreams, you deny yourself the opportunity to see all of the wonderment that is yours to experience. Think of yourself as energy. As soulful living energy here to experience being physical and let this bring you to a life that feeds you emotionally, physically and spiritually.


Who is this speaking…

I am not shy. I love to engage this world in this way for it brings such hope to the collective when people can step far enough away from their “reality” (in quotes) to allow this level of interconnectedness to affect all. I lived in the physical and enjoyed being challenged by my logical mind for I knew it was a game I had to win if I was going to make a difference in this world. I let each fear come and I faced it knowing there was a divine presence within me that would not let me fail if I focused on following my heart… and more often than not it worked. Establish a sense of an energy that is here to support those in the physical who are looking to bring peace into this world. This is what I lived for and this is still what I hope for, for this beautiful expression of divine creativity. As a spiritual partner on a journey parallel to yours I bring forth energy of hope and peaceful contemplation of life’s magnificence and I engage this exchange from the level of self that you would recognize as Gandhi.



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